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Piano Coach Deluxe

Piano Coach Deluxe

Learn to play chords and songs quickly and easily

Now you can fulfill your dream of learning to play with this great value collection. Piano Coach Deluxe uses video and interactive software to let you learn at your own pace as your computer guides you through easy-to-follow in-depth lessons that will soon have you playing great songs that you'll be proud to perform.

Media: PC CD-ROM 6 CD-ROMs 6 CD-ROMsvista logo

Operating System: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP/ VISTA

Monitor supporting 800x600 or higher screen resolution



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Hit the right note for rapid, flexible, computer-based piano instruction with Piano Coach Deluxe

This 6 CD-ROM software suite has 6 Music Coach modules perfect for absolute beginner to intermediate players.

“An excellent tutorial program”

Daily Express

Keyboard Foundation and Keyboard Improver

“...a truely superb product...
provides the ideal environment in which to learn and enjoy playing ”

Andrew Kemble

Play Piano

From chords to the classics, get into the swing of results-oriented keyboard literacy, with Piano Coach Deluxe.

For piano and portable keyboard

CD-ROM 1CD-ROM 1 - Keyboard Foundation™

Feature-packed learning in over 40 lessons, Keyboard Foundation™ is the interactive musical basics primer. From reading to rhythm, technique to two-handed playing, it’s the perfect tutorial for novices desiring to build their musical understanding, confidence, and solo playing ability.

Keyboard Foundation™ features:
• 40+ interactive basic music lessons
• Professional instructional videos with full-screen & slow-motion
• Practice tools, including variable-speed backing tracks & repetition loops

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 2CD-ROM 2 - Keyboard Improver™

With more than three-dozen lessons to take your keyboard skills to the next level, Keyboard Improver™ heightens confidence in reading and co-ordination, and features practice tutorials in solo and duet play.

Keyboard Improver™ features:
• 40+ lessons to sharpen music reading and two-handed playing abilities
• Variable-speed MIDI practice tracks for self-paced learning
• Interactive feedback to correct playing errors

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 3CD-ROM 3 - Play Piano™

Let your left hand know what your right hand is doing with Play Piano™, your next step in progressive keyboard skills. Introducing complete left-hand piano parts and piano technique fundamentals, as well as a wide assortment of solos, Play Piano™ sets you on the road to becoming a fluent and accomplished pianist.

Play Piano™ features:
• Piano animations show exactly which notes to play
• Left-hand/right-hand Mixer lets you learn each hand separately
before combining

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 4CD-ROM 4 - Play Piano 2™

Follows on from Play Piano™ and moves your playing on to the next level. Develop fluency, touch and music appreciation, and play solos by great classical composers including Mozart, Chopin and Verdi.

Play Piano 2™ features:
• Interactive music notation enables you to select passages, loop them
and practise them slowly
• Sheet music print out facility means you can enjoy playing away from
the computer

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 5CD-ROM 5 - Enjoy Playing Piano™

Expand your piano repertoire with this outstanding collection of impressive solo pieces.

Enjoy Playing Piano™ features:
• Practice loops to help you perfect difficult passages
• Piano animations show current and upcoming notes in each piece
• Professional tips on how to perform with style

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 6CD-ROM 6 - Virtuoso Piano Trainer Professional™

Get on track to speedy technique improvement with Virtuoso Piano Trainer Professional™, the interactive software tool offering a modern and easy way to practise classic scales, arpeggios and exercises.

Virtuoso Piano Trainer Professional™ features:
• Variable-speed tracks for learning at your own pace
• Left-hand/right-hand separation and mixing
• Includes the scales and exercises for piano exams grades 1-5

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

Charanga's Music Coach software has taught thousands of people to play and is now the world's best selling interactive music instruction.