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Guitar Coach Deluxe

Guitar Coach Deluxe

Self-paced instruction from practice to performance

Now you can fulfill your dream of learning to play the guitar with this great value collection. Guitar Coach Deluxe lets you learn at your own pace as your computer guides you through easy-to-follow in-depth lessons that will soon have you playing great songs that you'll be proud to perform.

Media: PC CD-ROM 6 CD-ROMs 6 CD-ROMsvista logo

Operating System: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP/ VISTA

Monitor supporting 800x600 or higher screen resolution



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Hit the right note for rapid, flexible, computer-based guitar instruction with Guitar Coach Deluxe

This 6 CD-ROM software suite has 6 Music Coach modules perfect for absolute beginner to advanced player.

“The best guitar teaching software in the world bar none!”

Guitar Teacher Magazine

“Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.”

Charles Ramirez
Professor of Guitar
Royal Collage of Music, London

From reading guitar notation to rock-n-roll, get into the groove of results-oriented guitar proficiency, with Guitar Coach Deluxe

CD-ROM 1CD-ROM 1 - First Lessons for Guitar™
Feature-packed learning in over 40 lessons, First Lessons For Guitar™ is the interactive music basics primer. Teaching everything from hand positions to simple tunes and strumming, it’s the perfect tutorial for novices desiring to build their musical understanding and confidence.

First Lessons For Guitar™ features:
• 40+ interactive guitar lessons
• Professional instructional videos with full-screen & slow-motion
• Practice tools, including variable-speed backing tracks & repetition loops

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 2CD-ROM 2 - Guitar Improver™
With more than three-dozen lessons to take your playing skills to the next level, Guitar Improver™ heightens confidence in strumming and fingerstyle, and includes tutorials in solo guitar playing.

Guitar Improver™ features:
• Animated, variable-speed fretboard and strum hand to check fingering
and accuracy
• Audio accompaniment to build ensemble performance skills

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 3CD-ROM 3 - Solo Guitar Performance Pieces™
Expand your guitar repertoire with this outstanding collection of well-known pieces. Take a featured solo, or play with full orchestral accompaniment.

Solo Guitar Performance Pieces™ features:
• Practice loops to help you perfect difficult passages
• 30+ videos with slow-speed and full-screen viewing options

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 4CD-ROM 4 - Guitar Songs and Styles™
Blues, bluegrass, and country: build up your guitar repertoire of styles and tunes as you learn songs made famous by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Chet Atkins and Johnny Cash

Guitar Songs and Styles™ features:
• 60+ full-screen practice videos with adjustable speed
• Audio backing tracks featuring a full band
• Recording capability to track your progress and listen to yourself playing
with the band

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 5CD-ROM 5 - Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe™
Learn to play classic tracks by the Eagles, Radiohead, Squeeze and the Black Crowes, and a great guitar adaptation of Robbie Williams’ ‘Angels’. Enjoy discovering the skills and techniques you need to build truly professional sounding playing.

Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe™ features:
• Over 30 instructional videos including full length songs
• Guitar karaoke with record feature
• Variable-speed animated fretboard to help learn songs at your own pace

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

CD-ROM 6CD-ROM 6 - Chord Miner Professional™
Ideal for novices and jobbing professionals alike, Chord Miner Professional™ is the ultimate chord catalogue featuring thousands of chords available for listening, arranging and print-out. Build your own chord progressions for your favourite songs, or download chord sets for hundreds of tunes.

Chord Miner Professional™ features:
• 7000+ chords with multiple voicings of 41 chord types in every key
• Easy chord identification with the interactive fretboard

Download this individual course for £7.99 (approx US$12.69)

Charanga's Music Coach software has taught thousands of people to play and is now the world's best selling interactive music instruction.