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Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe

Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe

Learn to play classic tracks by the Eagles, Radiohead, Squeeze and the Black Crowes, and a great guitar adaptation of Robbie Williams’ ‘Angels’. Enjoy discovering the skills and techniques you need to build truly professional sounding playing.

Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe™ features:

  • Over 30 instructional videos including full length songs
  • Guitar karaoke with record feature
  • Variable-speed animated fretboard to help learn songs at your own pace


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Please note that this downloadable module is included in our Guitar Coach Deluxe CD-ROMs.

Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe
Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe
Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe
Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe
Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe
Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe
Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe
Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe
Classic Guitar Songs Deluxe
High and Dry - Radiohead
High and Dry is a great song from Radiohead’s 1995 album The Bends. This arrangement is designed to enable one guitar to play the entire accompaniemtn from start to finish including the Intro and Outro.
Angels - Robbie Williams
Angels was the song that launched Robbie Williams’ career as a solo artist. Written by Williams and Guy Chambers, in the UK it is one of the most popular and most performed songs of all time. The song is in the key of E and it uses lots of chords associated with that key e.g. E, A ,B, C#m, F#m and D.
She Talks to Angels
- The Black Crowes

She Talks to Angels was written by brothers Chris and Rich Robinson and released by The Black Crowes in 1990 on their debut album Shake Your Money Maker.

It’s a classic southern rock track that’s great to play and sing and uses lots of excellent guitar techniques. The song uses a alternate E tuning which involves tuning your guitar so that the open strings sound like an E chord.

Love Will Keep Us Alive
- the Eagles
In November 1994, the Eagles released Hell Freezes Over, their first new album since 1980. One of the most successful songs from that album was Love Will Keep Us Alive. This beautiful guitar/vocal track displays all the characteristics of the classic Eagles style and is a wonderful song to play and sing.

This songs uses fingerstyle technique, hammer-ons and barre chords. The chords used include Aadd9, F#msus4, D6add9, Esus4, B7, D and E.

Labelled with Love - Squeeze
Labelled with Love was written by Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford and recorded by Squeeze in 1981. The fact that it receives airplay to this day testifies to its catchiness and enduring popularity. If you enjoy singing and playing this is a great song to add to your repertoire.