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Blues Guitar Foundation

Written by ace bluesman
Peter Farrugia


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Blues Guitar Foundation™

Blues Guitar Foundation is a complete introduction to Blues Guitar for beginners. Discover the history of Blues from the early guitarists like Robert Johnson through T-Bone Walker, to Muddy Waters and BB King. Find out how to create a classic Blues sound with your guitar and learn the key chords and scales at the heart of Blues guitar.

Blues Guitar Foundation™ features:

  • Animated Fretboard and Strum Hand
  • Real Audio Accompaniments – to help you experience what it’s like to play with other musicians and to help build performance skills
  • Step by Step help – so you get exactly the help you need at the time you need it most
  • Looped Practice – to help with working on any tricky bits
  • Music print out – print out the songs and play and perform away from the computer
  • Over 30 lessons

Suitable for acoustic or electric guitar.


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Operating System:

Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP/ VISTA
Monitor supporting 800x600 or higher screen resolution



Requires the free
Music Coach Player


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Blues Guitar Foundation
Blues Guitar Foundation
Blues Guitar Foundation
Blues Guitar Foundation
Blues Guitar Foundation
Blues Guitar Foundation
Blues Guitar Foundation gives you an overview of the history of the Blues from its origins in the southern United States through to its influence on Jazz, Folk and Rock’n’Roll.

You’ll find out the basics of creating a blues sound by using chords, melody and song structure – flattening notes to create the Blues sound and using call and response to support the vocals.

Listen to Sunday Evening Blues

Blues Guitar Foundation teaches you the 12 bar Blues and takes you through the slow change and fast change styles along with the shuffle and some variations.

You’ll learn some popular turnarounds using strummed chords, and string picking high and low melodies and endings.

Opening and closing licks are covered, as are call and response licks and scales using string bending and vibrato.

Listen to Sweet Lovin' Woman

You’ll also be shown how to improvise using the Minor Pentatonic Blues scale, and how the Blues lets you jam and play duets with other guitarists.

All the way through you’ll play great Blues tracks including the Chicago Blues and B.B. King styles.

Listen to I'll Never Be Your Fool Again